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IoT Brand Salience

With advancing technologies such as 5G, LoRaWAN, cheaper sensor technology and higher computing power, the IIoT benefits are becoming widely available. Introducing the Davra IoT platform into your organisation allows for a lot of reflection, introspection and business process breakdowns. With application enablement, data management, analytics, integration, device management and security all covered under one roof, we ensure no stone is left unturned. 

In 2019, Gartner listed Davra as The Leading True-Born IoT Platform with cohesive and seamless project implementation. Introducing a Gartner-approved IIoT platform can bring about major enhancements to your organisation, be it the transportation, manufacturing or smart city profile.  

Introducing IoT to your company is an initiative that needs to be taken across all departments. In today’s blog post, we will discuss how IIoT benefits your marketing department and how it can produce exceptional results for your brand image too. 

IIoT Improves Customer Experience 

In an industrial environment, with the vast array of tools and machinery always in motion, downtime and breakages are a given. With IIoT and predictive maintenance, sensors can be put on these tools to relay constant streams of data to models that can predict when the tool is going to break down and needs repair. 

This allows for a steady flow on the production line, and keeps customers happy as there are no delays in getting the goods out on time. Using predictive maintenance, the tools are also tended to before they actually go into disrepair, so you can pick and choose when works best in your organisation to schedule this downtime. 

In the rail system, service disruptions happen all too often. But by implementing sensors into the trains and rail network, these downtimes can occur outside of rush hour, thus improving customer service and satisfaction because there aren’t lengthy train delays.

Of course, there will be issues that occur without foresight within these systems. IoT-enabled platforms can thus alert operators in real-time to take instant action. This is especially important in tram services where another tram might be using the same line in a manner of minutes. Preparing these systems for real-time alerts ensures safe and quick fixes, thereby keeping transport users safe and happy.  

Davra first started out in the transportation space, and have since applied these methodologies across multiple industries to provide secure and scalable IoT systems. 

IoT Prevents Department Siloing

Davra works with their clients to assess the organisation as a whole, and creates a system that is easy to deploy and constantly develop on. We like to think our system is ubiquitous, because it works seamlessly with your company processes, therefore tying them all together. 

Because your organisation needs to be looked at as a whole in order for IIoT to be implemented properly, we ensure all departments are on board and assessed to see how they are affected by the new platform. Receiving this information, figuring out all the minute processes and assessing how IIoT can improve them leads to cooperation and efficient processes, as teams are better able to execute projects together. 

Through this group collaboration, clients and customers then receive better products and services. As departments gel better together, there is higher employee productivity levels and less turnover. Our clients are always happy to reach out to us for any tech support queries, so if you’re departments are unsure of any new processes, we will step in and develop your understanding of the platform.

As well as department silos, IT silos can also occur in organisations due to task- or project-led teams demanding that their data be stored in a separate way to the rest of the business. Assessing current data storage and how machinery, both new and old, can be fitted to enable data streams that are coherent and not separate to previous business processes is imperative to future business operations. Ensuring that data is stored because it answers specific and holistic business-oriented problems, rather than smaller task-driven ideals, means the data storage can result in operational changes and aid decision making down the line. 

These factors ensure the right decisions are always being made and are goal-oriented, therefore improving their customer service and products. 

Reduction in Human Error

IIoT takes a lot of pressure off human processing, as repetitive tasks can be aided by AI. Reduction in human error ensures systems and processes are streamlined, therefore getting services and products out to customers in a much quicker fashion. 

Using RFID sensors in the production line and supply chain also enables swift tracking of the parts, so you can easily find them if they are lost in transit. Rather than scanning parts with barcode readers manually, RFID sensors can scan multiple products all at once. This reduces physical human contact and possible errors in the supply chain. 

Customers will receive perfectly functioning products on time, therefore building a stronger brand for you through your IoT system. 

With the Davra platform, you not only get a set of rich functionalities that save you time and costs within the company, but it also helps you to deliver the right brand messaging and ethos out to your customers too. Building brand salience and continuing to prosper with the Davra platform increases your ROI and trust with your customers by producing timely goods and services. See our Gartner peer insights for outlooks on our platform from CEOs and company technical directors. Contact the team at Davra to find out more about our IoT platform. 


Brian McGlynn, Davra, COO

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