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Davra IoT Platform & AWS Cloud Marketplace Join Forces

Davra IoT is the only Industrial IoT Platform Available on AWS Marketplace


IoT production deployments and POCs are accelerating beyond all expectations in 2020, & that is why we are delighted to make it even easier to purchase Davra IoT Platform using AWS Marketplace SaaS Contracts.

AWS SaaS Contracts enables buyers to purchase monthly, yearly, or multi-year subscriptions to Davra IoT Platform with automatic renewal through their Amazon Web Services (AWS) account.

Davra IoT Platform availability on AWS Marketplace offers Enterprise and Industrial customers the ability to select the right Platform and subscription plan for their IoT use case. Due to its broad interoperability and inherent flexibility, Davra IoT enables the creation of IoT Applications and Solutions across a wide range of enterprises, industries, and use cases, including Connected Transportation,  Connected Products, Connected Manufacturing, Connected Utilities, Oil and Gas, Smart Cities and Smart Buildings.

The following provides a simple guide to procuring the worlds leading Industrial IoT Platforms using your own existing AWS Account.

Step 1: Go To AWS Marketplace

Enter the AWS Cloud marketplace at

Step 2: Find Davra IoT Platform

Davra can be found by browsing the IoT Category or by simply typing Davra in the search bar. Please note there are some interesting IoT software in the AWS IoT Category so please take a browse there as well.

Step 3: Review and Subscribe

Review details about Davra IoT Platform including pricing, EULA, support details and supporting information. Once logged into your own AWS account click the ‘Continue to Subscribe’ button in the top right of the screen.

Step 4: Select the correct plan

Select plan duration, auto-renewal setting and then the number of sensors. Then review the contract price and click create contract to finalise everything. You will receive invoices and billing details by email and in your AWS account billing section.

Step 5: Configure your Davra Account

Once the contract is created simply go to to create your exclusive account to Davra IoT platform.

Step 6: Setup your Davra IoT Platform Account

Simply add your email and personal details for your Davra IoT Platform account.

Step 7: Receive Account Details by Email

You will receive a personalized email with your Platform Instance and login details.


Step 8: Review Invoices and Billing Information

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