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Safe, efficient, compliant tailings

Sentinel is a complete tailings management and compliance solution for your mine. Start today and boost operational efficiency, improve safety, and simplify GISTM compliance and reporting.

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In partnership with the European Space Agency, funded as part of the Incubed Program.
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Aerial view of a red and blue water in a tailings storage facility

Complete tailings solution

  • Remote Monitoring & Automated Data Collection
  • Powerful Earth Observation Features
  • GISTM Compliance & Report Generation
  • Manage Multiple Sites from a Central Platform
  • Powered by the Davra IIoT Platform

Transform your
tailings management

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Enhance Your Operations

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and time-consuming, error-prone data entry. Davra Sentinel automatically collects and manages data from remote sensors, saving thousands of hours of manual collection and processing.

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Improve Safety, Reduce Risk

Manual readings are too slow to respond to critical events, risking lives and livelihoods. Sentinel sends automated alerts to key personnel in line with emergency response plans, ensuring fast action and quick resolution.

Aerial view of a quarry with water, trees, open pit mine, and tailings ponds

GISTM Compliance

Sentinel is designed to simplify compliance with the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM). Collect, manage, and report tailings data using approved templates. Enhance regulatory adherence, and safeguard against environmental and reputational damage.

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Remote Monitoring

Transform your tailings storage facility management. Davra Sentinel integrates data from ground sensors, drones, lidar, and Earth observation satellites. Make informed decisions based on accurate, always up-to-date information.

Blue waters of a former tailings dam next to green forest

Responsible Tailings Management

Harness the power of ESA-provided satellite imagery to continuously monitor changes in the TSF environment. Minimise environmental and operational risks with timely seepage tracking and accurate soil moisture and land classification.


Sentinel Features

Operational Dashboard
Mobile Application
Automated Data Collection
Report Generation
Earth Observation
Powered by Davra IoT

Operational Dashboard

  • Collect, display, & manage your data
  • Unlimited dams
  • More than 10 trackable metrics
  • Integrated weather reports
  • Customise alerts to response plans

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