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Gartner IOT Magic Quadrant

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Gartner IOT Magic Quadrant

2018 was the first year Gartner completed a Magic Quadrant for IIoT. I wrote a blog reviewing that inaugural Magic Quadrant. That 2018 blog can be read here.

The 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant threw up some notable surprises, omissions, additions and analysis. In this blog I give my thoughts on this year’s most important Gartner Magic Quadrant.

2019 IOT MQ Highlights

Significant Positive movement of Software AG (Cumulocity)

Negative Movement of Hitachi and IBM.

Omission of SAP

Addition of GE, DAVRA and Eurotech from Notable Vendors in 2018

Notable Vendors : Siemens, Schneider, Microsoft, IOT.nxt, Huawei, Alibaba, AWS and ABB

Complete Review


Definite market leader suspect they will be first company in top half of quadrant in 2020. This is one of my most read blogs on PTC and how it built its IOT Powerhouse..

Software AG

Deserved a higher position than last year but unsure they should be so close to PTC and more visionary – I think not!!. That is not a negative for Software AG though – fantastic product and team.


Still don’t think Hitachi has found its feet their MQ position is a lot worse than last year but is still generous in my humble opinion. Sorry guys.


A lateral move for Accenture who continues to acquire and acquire IP in the space. Deployments are serviced with a heavy dose of Accenture Professional Services! Capital budget please !


Moved from Notable Vendor last year to one of highest rated this year. A true born for IOT Platform and its really beginning to show. Aiming for Strong ‘Challenger’ position in 2020.

Litmus Automation

One of the Younger IOT Platform companies strong on the Edge but I believe a little immature higher up the stack. Investment from Plug and Play and our friends (Davra) in Momenta Partners.


Known for their strong relationship with industrial giant Parker Hannafin from a 2015 equity investment, Exosite Murano is a strong platform known for leveraging LUA Programming.


Positive movement from Altizon from 2018 MQ position. The Pune, India headquartered Altizon just closed a $7M dollar investment in April 2019 from TVS Motors for international expansion so might see more of Altizon in USA European market in 2019-2020.


Positive movement from Flutura from its 2018 MQ Position. Has received investment from Hitachi I wonder will we see some consolidation in 2019. Remember where you heard it first!


Seems like almost no movement from 2018 MQ position for Oracle which is disappointing.


One of the biggest negative moves from 2019 Magic Quadrant. Difficulty to pull all the power together is probably to main reason for the slip. IBM needs Watson IOT to be more integrated and reduce to requirement for professional services.


ATOS is French innovation at its best but has suffered a significant negative move on its 2018 MQ position. ATOS leverages but partnerships and open source very well. Very strong relationship with Siemens which I suspect will continue into 2020.



A new Chinese entrant. Admittedly I don’t know too much about ROOTCLOUD other than they received 250M in investment from the parent company SANY.


Strong positive move from the UK based QIO on its 2018 position. They have an interesting Digital Twin implementation called PARCS. I want to learn more about QIO in 2019.


Honestly its great to see Eurotech make the Magic Quadrant and I feel its a very deserving entrant and one to watch. I am sure every platform on the MQ uses MQQT with thanks to Eurotech and IBM!

GE Digital

Only two years ago it would be crazy to think GE would be at the bottom of a Magic Quadrant for IIOT. They have had a very tough time of late and its great that they have made the list and continue to be a key player.

Final Thoughts

2020 really needs to see Siemens ,Schneider and ABB up their investment and make the 2020 MQ. Also ARM and C3IOT really should be here too.

The full Magic Quadrant Report with in depth analysis on each company can be purchased from Gartner.


Brian Mc Glynn


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