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Davra IoT Platform Is Now On Microsoft Azure Cloud

Why Partnering With Microsoft Azure Makes Sense For Davra IoT

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Following on from our exciting partnership and announcement with AWS in March, Davra IoT Platform is now on Azure marketplace making Industrial IoT even easier. This makes Davra the only Gartner Magic Quadrant recognised IoT Platform on both major clouds, AWS and Azure.

What Is Microsoft Azure?

Ever-changing technology always calls for an agile solution, and that’s what Microsoft Azure provides. Microsoft Azure allows businesses to create future-ready solutions with hybrid, multi-cloud, and on-premises solutions. Trusting your business on another network means having everything you need in place and readily available. The right security operatives are also tantamount to success. Microsoft Azure is cloud computing space for your servers, networking, storage, and software.

Why Businesses Choose Davra IoT Platform

The Davra IoT platform provides everything professionals need to gain a successful, but competitive edge. Davra provides real-time IoT technology to accelerate your business. Best of all, professionals get technology infrastructure with the benefits of cloud computing.

Davra proudly sits on Microsoft Azure to give professionals the opportunity to have an interactive remote technology platform with the following benefits.

1. Security

For professional security in the cloud, Davra operates as a private IoT company with Microsoft Azure theft is non-existent. Statistica has estimated there will be 75 billion connected devices by 2025 which calls for a greater need for IoT and cloud computing security. By working together, Davra and Microsoft Azure allow you to implement foolproof IoT and cloud security.

The first line of defense in security is the proper authentication at all device levels. Encryption stops the threat of suspicious activity and hackers. It’s important to encrypt as much data as possible over the internet. An outdated IoT platform is also a target for hackers, but Davra provides an enhanced modernized technology solution to protect your business data.

2. Remote Computing

An IoT platform and clouding computing allow businesses to transcend from traditional on-site infrastructure. Davra provides a scalable IoT network & with the benefits of Azure, professionals have the option of large scale deployment. You can access remote computing with the click of a button. Over 96% of all businesses today operate through the cloud in some form. Get remote job execution when you need it with the proper IoT platform. Cloud computing is the lifeline of everything IoT has to offer and it allows you to manage several devices and apps from anywhere at anytime, saving your business time and money.

3. Storage

Davra ensures your storage takes place in the cloud which has huge implications for professionals that choose an IoT platform. In fact, scale your storage needs up or down based on your business needs.

4. Data Processing

Aggregating data and how your business will use that data is a huge part of how the cloud and IoT work together. For example, your business can compare data from anywhere and use this information to make better decisions. Without the use of the integrated Davra IoT platform, sharing and comparing data would be difficult and cost more. Analytics and historical data is important to your business decisions and can be collected with the internet of things and cloud computing. Real-time data can determine the operational success of your brand.

Business experts get the software to facilitate the communication and data they process, receive, and collect with Davra.

5. Scalability

Scalability can sometimes pose a challenge for IoT.  Davra and Microsoft Azure allow you to scale up when your usage is accelerating and scale down when your demand is lower. IoT and cloud computing meet the changing needs of businesses by accommodating scalability. In fact, scalable IoT can help your professional efforts grow and expand. Leveraging your cloud computing is an opportunity to improve the scalability of your IoT platform.

The Hidden Benefit Of Davra IoT And Microsoft Azure

Gartner predicts 21 billion connected things by 2020. “Smart” connectivity is one of the hidden gems of IoT and cloud computing combined. Businesses are one of the three primary entities expected to benefit from the use, building, and adaptation of smart technology. All smart technology is interconnected and can greatly benefit from the Davra IoT platform and Microsoft Azure.


The cloud is made up of massive interconnected servers that are expected to perform services for your business. Companies can face challenges with IoT, and cloud computing is there to help resolve those issues.

Your business technology should be able to handle a growing network. A successful IoT model is becoming essential for nearly every business niche imaginable. If you experience issues with your initial IoT platform, don’t give up because the right platform takes time to develop, & cloud computing can simplify this process. Many businesses want to easily give up on the internet of things when they experience inconsistencies, but it’s important to stay competitive with other businesses and current in the digital transformation era.

While nobody can quite predict how the IoT of the future might shape up, Davra are committed to leading the charge. Watch a live demo of our platform & contact us to learn more about IoT and cloud computing for your organization.


Brian McGlynn, Davra, COO

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