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Full Platform Demo

IoT Platform Demo on Demand

Catch up on our latest webinar delivered by Davra CTO, Joe, and Senior Architect, Jason, get an open access, full demo of one of the world’s leading IoT Platforms.

This 60 Minute webinar demo will give you a clear understanding of IoT and IoT Platform benefits, saving you weeks of reading and researching IoT.

Gartner recognizes the Davra IoT Platform as No.5 globally on ‘Ability to Execute’ and No.8 on ‘Completeness of Vision’ for IIoT Platforms in 2019.

What to Expect:

Full Demo, No Slides or Powerpoint

Complete Platform Tour

Interactive Demo into 7 Key Areas of the Davra IoT Platform

Duration: 60min

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Davra IoT Platform

Real IoT Solutions in 5 to 7 Weeks