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The Top 9 Enterprise IoT Podcasts

9 IoT Podcasts That Every Enterprise Decision-Maker Needs to Hear At Least Once

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As if engineering, deploying and delivering robust IoT applications weren’t already hard enough, now you also need to do meta-learning. It’s vital to stay abreast of the latest business trends if you want to improve your networks, hardware, services and oversight practices. Unfortunately, your bosses don’t seem particularly interested in paying you to read IoT news articles all day.

Listening to some high-quality tech podcasts could be the quickest way to squeeze more out of your limited research time, identify viable business strategies and boost your motivation. Here are nine that our IoT platform experts can’t get enough of here at Davra.

1. Very’s Podcast – Over the Air

Very’s “Over The Air” podcast dives into the heart of modern IoT. Speaking with founders and CEO’s of  IoT companies detailing the many up’s and downs that come with the territory. Rather than purely speaking on hypothetical solutions of what if’s, they deal with actual issues that you will face when trying to build connected products. It’s hard guys, real hard. From budgets to data breaches, to the difficulties of revolutionizing companies perspective on how problems can be solved. Very’s Podcast Over the Air is an interesting and educational listen.

2. First Things First – Stories from IoT Implementers

Not every IoT project is going to be a wild success. The First Things First podcast faithfully exposes some of the most learnable tales of failure. While this program is still building up steam, we relish its frank discussion of how applied theories and strategies panned out in the real world. Some of the anecdotes about recovering from setbacks also make for perfect inspiration after you’ve just been chewed out by your manager.

3. The Peggy Smedley Show

The 550-plus episode Peggy Smedley Show is broadcast live every Tuesday. If you’re on Central time, then it happens right around your lunch break, so you can get informed while you stuff your face.

This podcast is known for the live shows it puts on from tech conferences and industry events, making it great for peeking in on the latest insider happenings. It also covers big topics in its regular episodes, such as zero-trust, data farms, 5G and AR. Thanks to Smedley’s award-winning journalism background and friendly conversational manner, the show does a stellar job of making guests feel comfortable about sharing their novel IoT applications. We can’t wait for our invitation!

4. The IoT for All Podcast

Although the IoT for All podcast just got going in early 2019, it’s a good starting point for companies that want to understand how to leverage the IoT. In addition to covering basic concepts, it also touches on many of the topics that are critical to business distributed computing, such as using Bluetooth Low Energy, tracking RoI, scaling projects and provisioning mission-critical systems. Listeners pressed for time will appreciate the brevity of the episodes and the fact that most come paired with time-stamped outlines that make it easy to jump to the juiciest bits.

5. IoT Product Leadership with Daniel Elizalde

Although it only rolls around once every two weeks, IoT Product Leadership with Daniel Elizalde taps some highly interesting talent. More specifically, it concentrates on leaders that possess hands-on experience with launching consumer- and business-ready IoT services and products. Even better, it’s blissfully short and easy to swallow.

In addition to interviewing professionals and researchers from big software companies, Elizalde talks to hardware makers and entrepreneurs. Although the show’s title might seem to imply that it focuses exclusively on product leaders, its wealth of diverse guests make it a well-rounded, inspirational must-listen.

6. The Internet of Things (IoT) Show with Bruce Sinclair

Bruce Sinclair’s Internet of Things Show speaks to those who want to build profitable IoT initiatives. Like most of the content in this list, it doesn’t pull any punches, so listeners should be ready for highly technical topics. This podcast also spends time on the fundamentals, such as network protocols, IoT standards, security and open-source software, so it’s a treasure trove of ideas about getting projects up and running. Special shout out to Bruce as he was my good neighbor when I was living in Pleasanton, CA

7. The Momenta Partners Podcast

Streaming the Momenta Partners podcast is a good way to recap what the industry has been up to from time to time. On top of giving a platform to intriguing guests, such as analysts, engineers, CEOs and other decision-makers, these discussions cover topics including security, IoT-AI integrations, blockchain technology and clean energy. The biweekly, guest-centric conversation format also keeps things from getting too stale and introduces different perspectives from a range of sectors. Special shout out to Ken, Jesse and the Momenta team as they have been great partners over the years.

8. The Internet of Things Podcast (Stacey on IoT)

With more than 220 episodes in the tank as of this writing, Stacey Higginbotham’s Internet of Things podcast is a well-known source of insider knowledge. Its popular hosts have laudable tech credentials, and they share their insights on everything from smart home innovations to hardware development platforms, networking protocols, regulations and corporate policies. This show should suit anyone who wants to develop a more comprehensive outlook on the IoT, but it doesn’t shy away from dishing the dirt on technical topics either.

9. Industrial IoT Spotlight

As you might expect from proven leaders in the sector, we love any podcast that focuses on the Industrial IoT. We were particularly pleased to learn that on this show, each episode reviews a different use case.

Many podcasts try to cover distributed computing as a whole, but this one delves into the many ways people use the IoT for distinct purposes. It also doesn’t hurt that many of the episodes clock in at under 30 minutes.

Get Those Headphones Warmed Up

Listening to podcasts is an ideal way to plumb the depths of the IoT. By exposing you to novel implementations and alternative perspectives without forcing you to engage your brain too much, IoT programs help lower the barriers to entry in a complex field.

A good IoT platform can also ease some of the heavy intellectual liftings. Tools that support your ongoing training with helpful resources and thorough documentation let you leverage your knowledge with fewer beginner missteps. Augment your data-powered executive process by discovering what we can do for you.


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