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Davra Latin America Biz Dev exec talks IoT

In school we were taught and tested specifically to answer questions but nobody...

Continuing on with our series of blogs from the younger generation here in Davra, we’ve decided this month to add some international flair to the proceedings with Arua Tupinambas, our BDE for Latin America.  Arua joined us last year straight from college so so he’s been immersed in the Internet of Things for essentially his entire career which gives him a unique perspective  on the technology and how its going to affect our lives.

Over to you Arua ………..


Changing Stuff

For those who don’t know me, my name is Arua Tupinambas, BDE for Davra, however working for a small company like Davra everyone’s role goes way beyond the title and that is not different in my case, but before I start writing my story in the Internet of Things industry let’s take a trip a little earlier back when I was a young boy growing up in the country side of Brazil.

Back in the days…

… back when there was no mobile phones, only those bricks with a big antenna but nobody I knew had one of those, big desktops were already available but I had to wait a little while to put my hands on my first Compaq PC which was pretty awesome. For some reason I was never super fascinated about technology itself, one thing I can say I was absolutely mad about was to “change stuff” anything that could be shaped, attached, mixed with something else to create something new, would be. They were my moms, dad, grandpa’s, granny’s belongs. Every person in my family had items stolen. I guess I can say I was and still am more passionate about Things and People than about the Internet per say. 20 years later I have the chance to bring these worlds together. I’m at the right place to change stuff, to help people and businesses using the Internet to connect assets. The reason why I was never overly excited about the Internet and technology was because as a child I couldn’t really see how it would effectively solve problems, little did I know…

Allow me to jump to my view on the Internet of things and what can be changed.

What can we change?

In school we were taught and tested specifically to answer questions but nobody teaches us how to ask the right questions (an evolution killer) I always bring two questions with me everywhere I go, what can we change? Who/How does it help? I believe if we all asked more questions we would be in a much stronger position to start developing effective solutions. At the end of the day it all comes to society moving forward, people living better lives for longer, working less, producing more and enjoying all beautiful things outside the office. That’s why companies like Davra are in the market. We play in this huge industry because we enable BIG boys like Cisco, Intel, IBM and their channels to deliver managed services. Solving real live problems.

Sometimes it’s spent a lot of thought on the actual development of new things and too little on who those things are helping and how.  That’s what we can change!

We can also change traditional industries from a deep IT background bringing this knowledge to gather relevant data from where things are really happening in companies, the operations. When we build this ecosystem of partners with knowledge in IT, OT, and those like ourselves responsible for bringing these two different worlds together to create one solution at the time based on what very specific customer’s needs or just an AEP Application Enablement Platform, we can start changing the game.

All hands on deck

Going back to my role in Davra, the Internet of Things and this crazy techy world. I believe my job is to bring those questions to every customer we deal with. I spend good time with System integrators and resellers working together with them through the complex process of changing from selling hardware to solutions. We all need to understand where the industry is going and why. Companies who master that will be ahead of the curve in a good position to keep playing this Digital – IoT game. Davra’s technology is here to make that happen, I’m glad there are a big bunch of people in Davra that cares a lot about the technology backing me up on the solving problems mission. Big thanks to my Engineer colleagues ; )

Company Perspective

Working for Davra is like being your own boss, having the freedom and trust needed to work your way around things, to be fair, if they hired you they got to trust that you can “figure it out” . I think everyone in the company feels like Davra is their own baby. We are also allowed and encouraged to meet up with our customers all over the world, for all Sales guys reading this, you know how important that is, Davra’s sales gang is a well-travelled bunch of guys. So yeah, pretty awesome! I couldn’t be happier to work for a company that at the end of every quarter you can see your actions reflecting not only on your targets but in the world. I guess being young allows me to say “we can change the world” more often. I understand how the view of changing the world can be overtaken by our routine but as long as we have the passion for something, our determination and focus will follow and that is your only shot.

And the Gorilla? All in place to grow!

Davra is a small giant or as our CEO likes to refer as being a baby gorilla. I am one of the guys responsible for the gorilla’s growth. Our successful partnerships allows us to scale as we see it already happening. The Gorilla is growing and has big friends in the IoT jungle, actually our baby Gorilla has the biggest gorillas in the jungle as very good friends ; )

Going back to real live, Davra gives me autonomy to go deep into this fantastic IoT world and just like when I was a little boy, change stuff again. This time, with much more strength, power and well positioned to do so.

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