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Welcome to Davra Sujata!

Special powers include bringing growth to Davra and all plants


Sujata was born in Karnataka State, in the south west of India. With a keen interest in furthering her skills in software. Sujata completed her masters degree in computer applications from the Acharya Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangalore. Before moving to Dublin, Sujata began working as a Java developer trainee then soon promoted to a software test engineer.

Moving to Dublin with her husband, her Irish career began working as automation test engineer with Rabobank. Here she had the opportunity to work in a broad selection of roles which was a great experience to find out her true passion in the industry. Going on to work with Allianz as a content automation engineer, this gave Sujata great understanding of the insurance domain. While working she also found time to do some volunteering and charity work with Allianz & Rabobank. Now joining Davra as a QA engineer she is excited and eager to learn more.

What made you choose Davra?

Davra’s vision and the way to achieve it left me amazed. I always wanted to be a part of an innovative team, taking part in world-changing projects. Which is exactly what I am looking to do with Davra. I am impressed by Davra’s unique projects. Davra is an elite platform where I can enhance my knowledge and skills. I  am looking forward to learning more and growing my expertise. 

What are your hobbies or interests?

In my early age growing up in my grandparents house. Their passion for gardening inspired me helped me to grow my own. I like to grow vegetables and look after indoor and outdoor plants.  In my experience speaking nicely to plants will support their growth. It’s a good way to reduce stress and improve your  mood. I also like to listen to Indian and western music in my free time.

 What’s your favourite plant?

My favourite plants to grow are vegetables. growing mint, coriander, basil and many more. They can be used for cooking and it’s very enjoyable to be grow and cook your own food.

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