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Transforming the myth of the Smart Factory into reality by reducing the implementation effort by 80%

the partnership between Zerynth and Davra is underway

On the occasion of IOTHINGS World, the Italian event dedicated to IoT technologies that takes place on 28 and 29 September in Milan at Mediolanum Forum. Zerynth and Davra announce their partnership that aims to ensure companies a fast, flexible, and secure digital transformation.

At a time in which digital transformation is a fundamental objective for the growth of the country and in which there are multiple opportunities for facilitation, from all the measures envisaged by the PNRR, it is essential to understand what the factors are that enable or slow down the innovation of manufacturing companies in Italy. The opportunities made available by Industrial IoT technologies and public incentives are often not seized by manufacturing entrepreneurs, who perceive a return on investment that is too distant or who, even worse, are unable to take advantage of the IoT projects already implemented. Among the main causes for these lost opportunities are: the investment costs in machinery are too high, the difficulty of integrating data from heterogeneous sources, and the inordinately long implementation times.

“In fact, the Industry 4.0 revolution has not yet taken place: industrial machinery has an average life of 20 years, 27% of the companies have failed to introduce IoT technologies, and there are, on average, € 500,000 in annual losses per company due to the lack of integration between systems ”, explains Gabriele Montelisciani, CEO of Zerynth which supports companies in the digitization of industrial processes.

The partnership between Zerynth and Davra was born precisely from the desire to provide Italian manufacturing companies with an integrated solution capable of transforming the myth of the Smart Factory into a reality. This will facilitate the interconnection of data in complex environments such as that of Industrial IoT. Davra is a leader in the IoT field, included by Gartner in the “Magic Quadrant for Industrial IoT Platforms”, which allows System Integrators, Manufacturers, OEMs, and Public Administration to build IOT applications in a simple way. This saves 80% of the implementation effort thanks to the “developer-friendly” AEP (Application Enablement Platform) platform.

Thanks to this partnership, Zerynth customers will be able to send the data collected through their sensors to the DAVRA AEP platform and automatically receive them on the platform to be analysed, viewed, and forwarded to other systems. At the same time, it will be possible for Davra customers to exploit the power and versatility of Zerynth’s embedded devices within integrated applications created on the AEP platform and take action on Zerynth devices.

“Through this partnership, we aim to ensure companies a fast, flexible, and secure digital transformation supporting entrepreneurs as much as possible in the transition to industry 4.0,” explains Andrea Galizia, Director of strategic partnerships at Zerynth. “The Zerynth IoT platform allows you to digitize industrial processes through the acquisition of data, both from modern and old generation machinery, enabling interconnection and integration with company information and logistics systems in an Industry 4.0 perspective. Thanks to our partnership with Davra it will be even easier and faster to create IoT applications by integrating heterogeneous data sources from machinery and other company databases such as CRM and ERP ”.

“We are very satisfied with this partnership which allows us to extend the flexibility of our platform and our IoT solutions to the embedded world and allows Italian companies to seize the opportunities of PNRR,” explains Paul Glynn, CEO of Davra. “The incentives for innovation are concrete, but it is necessary to provide entrepreneurs solutions with rapid implementation times that allow them to have a return on investment in the medium term, such as the one that arises from the integration between Zerynth and Davra”.

The partnership will be presented during IOTHINGS World, the most important Italian event in the field of IoT technologies, which will take place in Milan on 28 and 29 September in “Hybrid” format (both live and in online streaming).

It will be possible to learn about the opportunities for this integration between Zerynth and Davra by visiting the Zerynth and Davra stands. Furthermore, during the event, Paul Glynn, CEO of DAVRA, will take part in the panel “GLOBAL SCENARIOS & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS” (29 September at 14.30) to speak about the state-of-the-art and on the evolution of the most innovative technologies connected to the Internet of Things.

Who is Zerynth

Zerynth helps companies easily get their industrial processes digitized and bring innovative connected products to the world. The Zerynth IoT Platform is a full set of hardware-software tools designed by IoT experts to enable digital transformation in a fast, flexible, and secure way. Zerynth’s technology allows companies to acquire data from both their legacy machines and new industrial machines, to view data from an interactive dashboard, to receive real-time notifications, and seamlessly integrate with their existing company’s ERP or other IT systems. With a patented IoT technology that is easy to implement, scalable and flexible, and which ensures top-notch data security, Zerynth improves the efficiency of industrial processes, allowing it to deliver innovative connected products, creating new business opportunities, reducing costs, and allowing data-driven decisions.

Who is Davra

DAVRA AEP is a platform for the rapid development of IoT applications used by numerous companies and system integrators around the world. Selected by Gartner in 2018, 2019, 2020 among the top 10 IIoT platforms for the realization of industrial mission-critical systems and at first place in the Gartner Peer Insight for ease of use and after-sales support, Davra AEP offers a complete set of features that allow System Integrators, Manufacturers, OEMs, and Public Administrators to build heterogeneous IoT applications on a common infrastructure for the acquisition, manipulation, and presentation of data combined with strong integration with other company systems (CRM / OSS / ERP). This is made possible by the native and freely modifiable REST APIs. It offers a library of widgets to quickly build any application – even from scratch – within the integrated environment based on microservices totally available to the user.

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