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Top IoT Influencers You Should Follow For 2020

IoT Influencers That Will Keep You Up To Date With The Latest IoT Trends

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In business, it’s not always easy to get inspired while inspiring others. It’s even harder when you’re dealing with niche or technical fields. The Internet of Things is a case in point. Not only do you have to identify viable use cases without much guidance, but you also have to promote your activities to audiences that may not be particularly receptive or knowledgeable about why your work is so valuable.

Luckily, this is the age of the influencer and the IoT is no exception. What’s more, many of the best IoT publicity experts are more than willing to share their knowledge via the familiar medium of social media and help you broaden your brand’s reach. The status of an IoT influencer is not one that is easily attained. These twelve outreach and engagement gurus are particularly worthy of a subscribe, like or retweet, so put their insights to use as your company strives to make a name for itself.

Carolina Rudinschi

Dr. Carolina Rudinschi is a co-founder of the trailblazing IIoT World digital media outlet. She’s also authored a book on digital media and specializes in fields including PR and social outreach.

This might not seem super impressive in a world where anyone can become a digital influencer, but what distinguishes Rudinschi from others is the fact that she’s established big-brand authority. For instance, her participation in Siemens AG’s global influencer program gives her unique insights into how companies can reposition their social media stances to enhance the visibility of their Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, projects. She’s also worked as an influencer and analyst for companies like PTC, IBM, ABB and Schneiter Electric.

Chelsea L. Andrews

Chelsea L. Andrews is a co-founder of TechMode, a company specializing in B2B marketing with a focus on tech events. She also served as a founding member of the nonprofit Developers Alliance. These credentials make her particularly well-attuned to the pace of the evolving IoT scene, not to mention the other technology-oriented domains that crop up in many IoT projects.

As a professional IoT influencer, Andrews is an established expert on how to develop your brand as a thought leader. Her tweets and posts are valuable reservoirs of uplifting engagement tips for those who want to incorporate their IoT efforts into their public-facing self-promotion. Her TechMode services also make it possible to get optimized content marketing insights — or complete strategies — from a genuine pro.

Chuck Martin

Chuck Martin is a futurist whose work has been featured on the New York Times Business Bestselling list. A regular public speaker, he also hosts a podcast called “The Voices of the Internet of Things” and routinely guest blogs on other sites.

With more than two decades of experience in connected tech, Martin offers a unique perspective on the emergence of the IoT and where it might go next. Particularly noteworthy are his discussions on the digital disruptions that the Internet of Things has introduced to the realm of consumer engagement. Tuning into his podcasts is an excellent way to learn what your competitors are doing since many of the guests he hosts are executives at leading IoT enterprises.

Dan Yarmoluk

Dan Yarmoluk is an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Thomas School of Engineering. When he’s not co-hosting the “All Things Data” podcast or teaching graduate-level courses, Yarmoluk is the IoT market development and business lead at ATEK.

Yarmoluk brings an interesting viewpoint to the table because he’s worked in a wide range of industries, including mining, oil and gas, and agriculture. His IoT guest blogs at IBM offer a good look at the value of condition monitoring over predictive maintenance strategies. As someone with direct experience in embedded design, data viz and Internet of Things business applications, he’s definitely a good source of actionable ideas.

Evan Kirstel

Evan Kirstel‘s massive reach as an IoT influencer reflects his more than 25 years of experience in the IT and telecom fields. In addition to helping enterprises make sounder forays into the depths of their IoT and IIoT ventures, he’s a studied hand in everything from content creation and wireless technology to social media marketing and brand engagement.

Kirstel’s services include comprehensive outreach that’s oriented toward the tech field. He has an impressive track record of expanding brand follower counts on platforms like Twitter, and he also serves as a direct customer liaison. If you’re interested in IoT lead generation, then Kirstel is an excellent knowledge resource.

Lucian Fogoros

Lucian Fogoros is a software engineer with a decidedly entrepreneurial bent. In addition to being on the front lines of software and automation since the late 1990s, he’s worked in product development, marketing, sales, and mergers and acquisitions.

Fogoros isn’t afraid to plunge into the technical details. From elucidating the fundamentals of the MQTT messaging protocol to sharing his thoughts on software licensing, regulatory compliance and industrial mobility, he exemplifies a well-rounded influencer. Besides looking him up on Twitter, you can see some of his work on the Schneider Electric blog and IIoT World.

Maciej Kranz

Maciej Kranz is what you might call an influencer with an impact. On top of being deeply involved in the game for more than three decades, he’s a faculty member at the Google- and Deloitte-backed Singularity University.

In the past, Kranz served as Cisco’s General Manager of the Connected Industries Group. There, he played an integral role in getting the company to fully invest in the IoT before moving to the firm’s Corporate Strategic Innovation Group. His no-nonsense, benefit-driven approach to the IoT may be best exemplified by his talks on getting beyond the hype and leveraging transformative practices to derive real value from technology. In addition to earning a New York Times bestseller mention, his book “Building the Internet of Things” is a fine starting point for those who want to implement novel projects since it provides a step-by-step strategy.

Ronald van Loon

Ronald van Loon is an author and Big Data specialist whose diversity of knowledge makes him a vital resource for companies exploring new IoT applications. Thanks to his unique data-oriented perspective, he has a lot to say about how different industries can best use connected computing to improve their operational outlooks. Van Loon’s blog is a rich source of relevant explainers on leveraging Big Data and the IoT.

Sarah-Jayne Gratton

Dr. Sarah-Jayne Gratton comes to the world of IoT influencers from fascinating origins in theater and educational psychology. Her conversance with emerging applications gives her an edge that serves brands well, and big companies have taken notice. For instance, she works with the Siemens Influencer community and serves as a Huawei Technologies Key Opinion Leader.

Gratton’s specializations include how psychology and consumer behavior inform technology adoption and branding efficacy. Her book “Zero to 100,000” is a bestseller that guides the reader through the basics of using social media to establish a highly engaging brand presence. Gratton earned widespread recognition for her work helping brands create influencer campaigns, content and podcasts.

Stacey Higginbotham

Freelance author Stacey Higginbotham has a lengthy track record of covering the IoT, AI and semiconductors. As an all-around tech geek, she’s earned her IoT influencer stripes by writing for publications like BusinessWeek, PCMag and MIT Tech Review. She also served as a Senior Editor at Fortune Magazine.

Higginbotham’s highly popular podcast, “Stacey on IoT,” is like a mecca in the confusing IoT field. She regularly talks shop with heavy-hitters from Amazon Web Services, Google and other renowned enterprises. With well over 200 episodes in the can, great humor and thousands of listeners, this is a great place to make your voice heard as a thought leader or sponsor.

Tamara McCleary

Tamara McCleary is the CEO of the Thulium social media marketing agency. She’s been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine, Brand 24 and a host of other trustworthy publications. She has also advised and created content on behalf of companies like VentureBeat, IBM, Oracle, Dell, Cisco, Cognizant and similar tech giants.

McCleary routinely pops up in the web’s most-watched spots. In her position as Thulium CEO, she continually advocates for underrepresented groups in tech, such as women. Her focus on data-driven marketing and brand amplification lessons make her not only a premium influencer but also an unparalleled guide to creating more significant marketing ripples. While her guest posts and blogs are too numerable to list, standouts include her contributions to Forbes Magazine and the Gartner Podcast.

Tom Raftery

Tom Raftery is a Futurist, Innovation Evangelist and Global Vice President at SAP. He also spent years working as an industry analyst and fulfilling CTO roles at various enterprises. He presents a well-rounded take on how the IoT is changing countless aspects of the human experience from sustainability to employment.

Raftery’s blog is packed with rich content, including liberal use of stats and easy-to-follow graphs. In addition to making regular predictions about how the IoT impacts the customer-brand relationship, he hosts a podcast called the “IoT Heroes Show.”

Building IoT Influence and Authority

IoT influencer marketing is a critical outreach play for brands that want to make a point. Whether you seek high-profile sponsorship opportunities or solicit bespoke content creation assistance, consulting with the experts never hurts. Learn more about what defines effective IoT hype-building by staying tuned to the Davra blog or following us on Twitter.


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