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The Davra developer portal

The Davra developer portal is the first step to getting your company's IoT up and running.

At Davra, we want to support both those new and more experienced to our Application Enablement Platform (AEP). We’ve created an extensive Developer Portal that gives you all the details you need to learn what the platform is, how it works, and how it can benefit your company. Whether you are a developer, product builder, or system integrator, we walk you through the process to define, build and rapidly bring to market industrial-grade IoT applications on a single reliable, secure and scalable IoT platform.   

We’ve previously explored the benefits that in-house skills development can bring to your organisation. Now, we provide the materials you need to learn. Even those new to IoT will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of IoT in action. 

The Developer portal is divided into three primary sections: 

•   Get started

•   API reference

•   Microservices 

Let’s take a look at what these with greater detail.

Get started with Davra IoT 

There are videos and notes in the Developer Portal that allow you to get a head-start learning about the Davra platform, even before you register. This is unlike many other IoT developer resources. Of course, once you register, you get full access to all materials in the portal. 

You have access to a 7 unit training course. Each video takes at most 30 minutes to view, totaling about 2.5 hours in their entirety. You can literally work through the tutorials on your own computer as you watch the steps in as little as 2.5 hours. Summary notes of the material covered is available for you to review. 

Within the first half hour, you’ll be creating a device, adding and visualising data, and building your first application. 


Video 3: Learn about digital twin with a great follow along tutorial: 

There’s plenty of opportunities to dig into the code: 


Video 5:

The geofencing feature of the Davra Platform allows for the creation of Geofences, which can be used to trigger events upon an IoT device entering or leaving.  Learn how you can create multiple ‘zones’ within a single Geofence, or have a single zone: 

API Reference

Alongside the Davra training course, we also provide an extensive API library along with the necessary code samples. 


The application of a Microservices architecture has begun to really gain traction in   industrial IoT as companies evolve their technology stack. We believe it’s important enough to have it’s own section. So, we provide a deep dive into different integrations, and a variety of use cases with the corresponding code available in GitHub. 

The Davra Manual: Behind every great platform is documentation

We pride ourselves on our documentation. We have developed an extensive and highly comprehensive manual. You can search the documentation, watch a series of detailed videos, and dig deep into the written tutorials. For those that have started their learning with the Get Started course, this is the perfect accompaniment. 

You can have some fun with this. For example, learn how to connect a Raspberry Pi to the AEP Platform using Node Red on the device. DID you know that a survey of over 1000 professional engineers found that 50% use SBCs like the Raspberry Pi for industrial and Internet of Things? 

They are used to simplify new product development for proof of concept and prototyping and testing. Some companies even use them in production units. If you’ve even had the urge to try one, this is a great opportunity!

Throughout our manual, we run through our platform architecture, explain the aims and benefits of digital twins across different industries, and how to understand sensor metrics.

Access all the code you need to get started 

We publish the code specific to our AEP in repositories on GitHub. We update these regularly so you have the latest versions.

Our developer portal doesn’t leave you if you’re having difficulty. Need help? We’ve all been there, so we’ve set up a dedicated help center where a real human is there to help. 

Looking for IoT solutions specific to your industry?

To find out more about how we can help your digital transformation succeed, take a look at our blog to learn more, or listen to talks by Davra CTO, Joe Quinn.


Anthony Sayers, Director of IoT Ecosystems & Partners, Davra

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