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Sorry Slack. Davra is now a Webex Teams House!

After 4 years of Slack we have made a change permanently to Webex Teams

Davra has been an avid user of Slack since 2014. In June 2018 we have moved entirely over to Webex Teams.

The decision wasn’t easy. In fact, for 2 years we used both Slack and Webex Teams (Obviously not ideal) writing bots and integrations for both platforms using Davra™ IoT AEP Platform.

The arrival of our new Webex Teams Board in June 2018  was the tipping point.

Every once in a while a technology really impresses me providing a step-change in how we communicate and work (Think iPhone, yes its that good) – Webex Teams with the Webex Teams Board is one of those technologies.

We have already put in an order for another Board!

(Look out for some amazing Davra Webex Teams Bots coming your way too)


Brian McGlynn, Davra, COO

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