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Partner Friday – Introducing IoTdc

"The purpose of IoTdc is to remove the complexity of IoT device selection, solution-specific integration, data visualisation and analytics."

Introducing IoTdc

IoTdc is a South African technology start-up founded in early 2019 by two lifelong friends who felt the African market was underestimated, underserved and overdue for a channel-focused IoT solutions partner. Both founders’ background was in traditional IT distribution, which is why IoTdc started its life focusing on simplifying connected devices. They built partnerships with world-class vendors, consulted on the hardware and ultimately sourced the plastic and silicone needed to make the solution work. Subsequently, they realised that many of their partners wanted the data, not just the hardware. This lead the team to developing integration capabilities into IoTdc’s offering to ensure their channel partners can focus on deploying intelligent solutions knowing they’ll receive the data in any environment. In 2022 IoTdc partnered with Davra, allowing IoTdc to offer their clients the entire IoT solution stack. From devices, to action, to outcome.  

Today IoTdc is a connected technology business. With a diverse and thriving ecosystem of 15 world class partners, servicing over 100 clients across Africa and Europe. The purpose of IoTdc is to remove the complexity of IoT device selection, solution-specific integration, data visualisation and analytics. Removing these tough decisions dramatically improves the success of a project, accelerates deployment and reduces initial cost. IoTdc consultatively evaluates business challenges and implements simple, value-based IoT solutions so that clients can achieve predictable cost savings or outcomes. At our core, we believe solutions should be scalable, rapidly deployable and deliver a predetermined outcome or ROI in a specified time. More importantly, we believe real people can solve real-world problems better than ever with new technology. They only need the right tools to make it happen.

Davra partnering with IoTdc was a no-brainer, they’re savvy understanding of the African IoT market combined with hardwork and  a hunger to solve real business problems is why they fit perfectly within Davra’s partner eco-system.

What we do together

IoT is still in a frontier stage with many unknown elements affecting the customer journey and outcome. The only way to ensure successful project delivery is with support from the right partner ecosystem. There are few suppliers in our space offering a world-class platform, pre-packaged solutions that are tried and tested in the field, and an incredible team ready to assist us in any way to make the solution work. Our confidence in the Davra offering enables us to put solutions forward to our channel partners that we know will deliver every time. 

More specifically, due to South Africa’s large mining sector, we’re working very closely with the Davra team to digitise and optimise Digital Dam Tailings to give our clients peace of mind around compliance and, more importantly, community safety through continuous mine monitoring.

Some interesting use cases


Fridge Monitoring

Many businesses trading in food, medicine and other perishable goods are often unable to monitor the condition of their products and equipment remotely and in real-time. This results in a manual, reactive process where problems in the supply chain only become evident once it’s too late to prevent losses. Suboptimal refrigeration conditions can result in spoilt products, higher electricity usage, expensive maintenance on equipment and the lost man-hours required to do manual quality control.

We worked with a large-scale fridge manufacturer to deploy a solution with minimal hardware providing measurements such as temperature and humidity, door status, electrical current and location. Our customers are able to receive alerts regarding predetermined parameters such as high temperature, open doors, faulty compressors and high electricity usage. Processes such as maintenance can be automated with alerts sent to the relevant technicians when a fault with refrigerators is detected.

Wildlife conservation:

Conservationists are challenged with protecting animal species from the loss and fragmentation of their natural habitat, wire snares planted by bush-meat hunters, poaching and poisoning of animals, as well as people and disease-carrying domestic animals who come into contact with wildlife outside of protected areas.

We worked with one of our wildlife preservation partners to deploy a solution that allows rangers to get an approximate location of wild animals. By highly increasing the tracker’s battery life, our trackers can provide real-time geolocation and have a lifespan that lasts for years. The risk of having rangers and volunteers in the field is reduced by tagging them with state-of-the-art tracking devices, with a panic button built-in so the control room can be easily notified should the mobile personnel be in any danger.

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