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Partner Friday – Introducing Verso Altima

"In 2017, the Verso Altima Group became part of the Elite Program of the London Stock Exchange"

Introducing Verso Altima

Mrežne tehnologije Verso, is part of the Verso Altima Group. Mrežne tehnologije VERSO was founded in 2002 as a system integrator and Altima was founded in 2008, with a focus on offering its own software solutions and acting as a regional SAP partner. In 2015, Altima became 100% owned by Verso Network Technologies. In 2017, the Verso Altima Group became part of the Elite Program of the London Stock Exchange, which recognizes fast-growing companies in Central and Eastern Europe.

Headquartered in Zagreb Croatia, with offices in five countries, Verso are one of the largest system integrators in the region. The Group employs more than 170 experts and is recording continuous growth, with more than 57 telecom references  in 31 countries; from Britain, Egypt, Sweden all the way to Japan. They are present on four continents, so far they have completed about 30 projects as a supplier of a complete solution or part of a consortium.

What we do together

Davra and Verso have worked together for a number of years now across a range of IoT projects. The meshing of ideas, innovation and execution, Verso Altima builds exciting applications on the Davra Platform but, more than that they combine to offer a high-level service to a broad range of industries in their region. Our ideas on what makes a good partnership align very well, plus they’re great to work with which makes every process easier.

 Some interesting use cases

Verso are working on a Smart City project. They worked in a consortium for Novo Mesto with Telekom Slovenije and the Smart City project for Shanghai, China. This was the largest project of its type in the world at the time, implementing over 180,000 sensors. The project is growing each quarter by 60,000 sensors. The project was very successful for Verso, leading to an increase in the number of experts joining their team. A stronger geographical presence and achieving the highest partner statuses with leading ICT providers. 

In Japan, Verso are involved in a metering and automation projects with large gas distribution companies. They use the LoRa protocol to automatically read gas meters and to control valves in the event of natural disasters (i.e. tsunamis, earthquakes). The planned reduction in the cost of gas readings is estimated at 90%, which is massive savings for distributors. Additionally, the technology also reduces inaccuracy in readings. In the event of a natural disaster, the guaranteed reaction time to activate the natural gas leak protection is only just one minute!

Interested to talk to Verso Altima?

If you’re interested to talk to Verso about an upcoming project, or want to hear more about their solutions don’t hesitate to reach out to :




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