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Partner Friday – Introducing Preddio Technologies

"With over 60 million unique data points collected, we work with our customers to identify and prevent unintentional downtime"

Introducing Preddio Technologies

Preddio Technologies is an IoT solution provider that enables industrial and commercial companies to make informed decisions about equipment based on real-time data. Their origin started as a group of entrepreneurs who joined A.W. Chesterton to build an IoT business. In record time they developed a sensor, mobile app and cloud platform. Demand exceeded expectations, they quickly realized the market opportunity and potential to expand. In January of 2020, Preddio Technologies Inc. was launched and created they Simplicity IoT, a full hardware and software solution that enables customers to monitor key industrial and commercial equipment 24/7. 

Preddio Technologies is an innovative technology company who has developed a simplified, turnkey remote monitoring solution.  They pair a curated selection of sensors, with personalized hardware and software to meet the application needs. Offering a full solution that works together or individually; enabling customers to make data-based decisions about their critical equipment. 

Preddio’s Simplicity IoT family of sensors monitor critical parameters such as vibration, temperature, pressure, water contact and more. The Simplicity Edge gateway transmits the data in real-time to the Simplicity Mobile and Simplicity Cloud platforms. Each piece of the Simplicity IoT framework works in harmony to provide customers with a simplified approach to industrial and commercial asset monitoring.

What we do together

Davra and Preddio have been partners since 2019, together we strive for continued innovation and excellence. Davra’s platform provides Preddio with the back-end infrastructure and operational tools needed to deliver cutting edge applications for their customers in record time. By partnering with Davra, Preddio can focus their full attention on the Simplicity IoT platform which provides simple to use condition monitoring, asset management and performance analytics tools for our customers.

 Some interesting use cases

Preddio have products installed in hundreds of different application spaces, across thousands of locations, monitoring various pieces of industrial and commercial equipment. With over 60 million unique data points collected, Preddio work with their customers to identify and prevent, unintentional downtime for their critical assets and processes. One of their most recent success stories was at a chemical plant. They were experiencing unusually high failure rates for mechanical seals installed on a pump in extremely acidic conditions. Repairs and replacements were constantly being scheduled on a monthly basis without a known root cause.

A Simplicity Sense smart sensor, was installed to monitor the operating conditions of the equipment. Within a few days, sufficient data was collected to identify the root cause and the necessary operational adjustments were put in place. These changes led to a more than 20X increase in the lifetime of the seal, saving the customer thousands of dollars per month for that one piece of equipment alone.

Using Preddio Technologies products, you can easily detect changes in vibration, surface temperature, process temperature and process pressure to identify inefficiencies in equipment – before they result in unintentional and costly downtime.

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