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Leveraging IoT to bring real value and accelerate hardware development!

"How a digitized MVP reduces costs and helps validate your concept faster"

Now more than ever, businesses are looking to increase growth, productivity, and profitability. But what if you are creating a new product where you’re still ironing out the kinks, solidifying the various business use cases, or need to demonstrate the opportunity for market traction across a range of seemingly disparate markets? IoT can help. 

A digitized MVP can test the feasibility of a product even before it goes to beta customers. It reduces costs as it typically only uses fewer resources by testing out the most mission-critical functions of your product. 

Industrial testing for stakeholder validation

Many companies are undergoing a prolonged digital transformation process across all industries, from supply chain to manufacturing, smart buildings and healthcare. In many instances, developing new hardware is as much about enhancing and augmenting existing legacy hardware as creating new tools.

Some industries are traditionally resistant to change and may see any attempts to change the status quo as unnecessary, risky, or unduly disruptive. For digital transformation to fully succeed in an enterprise, it needs full stakeholder buy-in. Where digitization really comes in is providing hard evidence to convince an organiser to put budget and staff behind digital transformation. 

Using an industrial IoT platform, hardware developers can test out their products using a digital interface that can connect with legacy systems. For example, you can use real data from the factory floor or connected building to demonstrate and define the goals of proof of concept, showing the viability and value of digital transformation to the most resistant of teams. This tangible evidence turns an idea into a visible solution. 

Save time and money 

An IoT digital platform provides a low-risk, cost-effective way to test product feasibility and solidify a proof of concept or MVP. It achieves this in ways that are close to the actual business objective, at a fraction of the total development cost. By digitizing your proof of concept, you can catch any errors or shortfalls in the early stages of product development. 

Data provides a way to understand any potential challenges or failures before you are deep in the weeds. And once you get those results, you can review the data, compare the outcome to your initial goals, and develop a plan for product progression. At Davra, we’ve created an intuitive, user-friendly platform to architect, stage design, build, test, deploy and maintain. Even new users can get up to speed really quickly.

Our extensive Developer Portal provides a deep dive with hands-up learning as to what the platform is, how it works, and how it can benefit your company. It is backed by real-world case studies and a strong user community to provide support and valuable insights. Whether you are a developer, product builder, or system integrator, we walk you through the process of defining, building, and rapidly developing proof of concept IoT applications on a single reliable, secure and scalable IoT platform. Then, we help you bring them to market, creating efficient, effective products and providing value to existing and further customers across various verticals.

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