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How to choose the right IoT Platform to suit your current and future needs.

What is an SI? (System Integrator)

An IoT system integrator is a company that assists in IoT deployment and management. Digital transformation is challenging, especially in established companies with years of history and accepted ways of business. Companies can deal with a mismatch of legacy (patched or otherwise) and newer technology and a mismatch of vendor services and protocols. They may be aware of what’s possible, especially with technologies like data analytics and machine learning but lack the knowledge needed for successful execution. System integrators are strategically positioned to understand the IoT market landscape within different verticals.

How System Integrators and IoT Providers can work together!

Cisco released research in 2017 that 76% of all IoT projects fail – most at the proof of concept stage. They attributed the failure to factors such as integration complexity, budget, security, and lack of expertise. The reality is the IoT is complex, and going from idea to proof of concept to successful deployment in your business is not always guaranteed. Fortunately, there are people to help – IoT system integrators.

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