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IoT Use Case Thursday – Verso Altima

Exploring the human benefits of IoT : Smart Cities

Verso’s Use Case

Verso’s very interesting use case is centered around Smart Cities, in this case Novo Mesto located in Slovenia. Cities of the future are connected, digital and intelligent. It is no longer possible to manage cities, create growth, provide prosperity and make citizens happy without having information as basis to make better decisions.

Novo Mesto were ambitious and wanted change to benefit their citizens. They wanted to install smart lighting, to reduce overall electricity consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Smart parking,  to decrease pollution and to help their citizens find parking easier. With the average person spending up to 23 hours a year looking for the right parking spot, I’m sure it’s citizens will appreciate that. Plus much more.

About Novo Mesto

It is a city on a bend of the Krka River in the City Municipality of Novo Mesto in southeastern Slovenia, close to the border with Croatia. The town is traditionally considered the economic and cultural center of the historical Lower Carniola region. With a population of  just under 25,000 people, it is not what you envision as the standard smart city. Novo Mesto looked to the future and understood they can improve the daily life of their citizens, improve their local environment and manager their resources more effectively. This mirrored their 4 main ambitions for starting this project; Sustainability, Life Quality, Economic Growth & Public Safety.

Novo Mesto is a fantastic example of what all towns and cities are capable of and Verso is a fantastic example of an IoT company working with local government to help digitize.

How does your city become smart?

•  Utilize Technology : It’s all about working smarter, not necessarily harder. Using new and existing technologies around us to manage systems 24/7 and alerts people when human interaction is necessary.

•  Utilize Data: Understanding the value of your data is the first step. Using that data is the second, that’s the core of a smart city. Using existing and new data to predicts trends & patters, offering insights that translate into actionable decisions that save your cities money and your people time and stress.

•  Citizens Engagement : Engaging, being transparent and open is vital for the success of a smart city. A city is only a city with people, so those people must know everything you are doing is for their benefit and theirs alone. This is a key factor why Novo Mesto was such a success, the authorities were open the people and companies like Verso Altima were honest and professional with the cities.

Dedication to Efficiency: This means responding to alerts, and monitoring the reports giving. Monitor major indicators, visualize historical trends and critical events. Above all  maintaining a culture of care and dedication.

Human Benefits of IoT Smart Cities

•  Reduce your carbon footprint, making your town or city more sustainable and a safer place to live for future generations.

•  Greatly improve transportation, 5 minutes for the bus will actually mean 5 minutes.

•  New economic opportunities and incentives from governments which will benefit the local people.

•  More efficient usage of public utilities, not all utilities are reusable. By using innovative technology we can use them as effectively as possible.


Interested to talk to Verso Altima about smart cities or towns?

If you’re interested to talk to Verso about an upcoming project, or want to hear more about their smart city/town solutions don’t hesitate to reach out to :

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