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IoT & Travel with Covid19

IoT Innovations and the Future of Air Travel

Since its arrival, COVID-19 has left a trail of ruin in its wake. While many industries have suffered, the pandemic hit the airline industry exceptionally hard. To stay afloat, airlines have relied heavily on government funding. As a result, they’ve been forced to scale back on operating costs. In addition to these financial stresses, airlines have also had to rework their health and safety practices.

From following guidelines to implementing new precautions, several changes have been made to keep passengers safe. With these ongoing adjustments, the airline industry is having to meet unprecedented needs despite having a limited budget. To breathe simplicity into an otherwise overwhelming time, some have turned to advanced technologies to help combat these challenges. With IoT solutions, here are some ways the airline domain can benefit.


The Advantages Of IoT In Travel

Most notably, IoT technologies allow for further automation. With streamlined operations, an enhanced customer experience is promised. What’s more, advanced solutions offer more personalization, making it easy for airlines to accommodate passengers better.

Smart devices, specifically, can reduce energy costs in hotels. With the use of sensors, lighting and air conditioning can be controlled automatically. Moreover, IoT appliances give tourists greater access to information via their phones. Given our insatiable desire for technology and real-time data, this perk is second to none. Here are some other ways the travel sector can reap the rewards of IoT.



With the ever-evolving travel regulations, IoT can help travelers keep up with updated requirements. Additionally, certain countries require citizens to add pertinent health information to a government app before leaving the country. With IoT devices, inputting this data has never been simpler. Regarding social distancing guidelines, wearable tech devices are undoubtedly useful.

With these savvy appliances, travelers can protect themselves while navigating the airport. For example, if they’re too close to others, they’ll be notified. In essence, the travel industry can leverage IoT technology to protect the well-being of travelers. Without these modern alternatives, promoting optimal safety would prove exceedingly difficult.



When traveling, passengers like to have their wants and needs catered to. While this might seem like a big ask, IoT solutions make it simple to fulfill and exceed expectations. Using IoT appliances, airlines can gather information from travelers about what they like and dislike. Using this enlightening data, airlines can create custom solutions.

Not only does this make the passenger feel valued, but it also allows airlines to maintain a favorable reputation. Since this industry is in desperate need of traveler support, it’s crucial for airlines to put the customer first. Through the power of IoT, they can do just that.


Location Information

With COVID-19 impacting many parts of the world differently, it’s essential for travelers to remain in the know. Otherwise, they’re liable to expose themselves to increased health risks. Using smartphone capabilities and beacon technology, passengers can receive the latest COVID-19 information. In essence, IoT appliances make it possible for tourists to keep one finger on the pulse.

When arriving at a new place, travelers can opt for updates on COVID-19 in the area. This heightened level of awareness is a surefire way to keep travelers in good health. When fully optimized, this software can let tourists know what hotels and facilities are brimming with activity. If a traveler isn’t comfortable with how busy an area is, this information can help them avoid a potentially uncomfortable situation.


How IoT Will Help The Travel Industry Prevail

While IoT has the amazing ability to connect devices and equipment, it also holds the power to unleash new forms of data. With this information, airports and airlines can effortlessly tend to customer needs. Above all else, IoT devices bring travelers great peace of mind, ensuring them that the necessary precautions are being taken. Simply put, IoT will forever change the way the travel industry operates. From autonomous machinery to enhanced safety measures, IoT will do great things for the travel sector.


How Davra Is Making A Difference

At Davra, we’re excited to see how these advanced solutions can begin with us. Through IoT devices and platforms, we’re helping move these developments forward. To see how you can benefit from a partnership with us, contact us today.            


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