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Davra IoT Powers Brazil’s biggest Rally

The biggest Rally of Brazil is happening – Rally dos Sertoes...

Over the past two weeks the biggest Rally of Brazil was happening – Rally dos Sertoes. The cars drove from the state of Goias (central west) all the way down to Parana in the south in just eight days of racing. For those who don’t know Brazil, you could and would find extremely remote and hostile locations going down on the dirty roads that way. The race cars run at extremely fast speeds accelerating where no other car would be able to. They need to be ready and well equipped in order to complete the race. If finishing the race wasn’t enough of a challenge, Go2Next a Brazilian System Integrator brought something else to the Rally.

Go2Next got everyone’s attention this year, led by Pilot Paulo Pichini (Go2Next’s CEO) and Paulo Bomba (Co-Pilot). They brought a complete IoT solution to the off road race and blew people’s minds. It is the first time an End to End IoT solution has been deployed and exposed to such extreme conditions in a hostile environment, all powered by Davra. Using a Cisco ruggedized router and telemetry sensors and cameras in the car, Davra was able to get real live data from the vehicle, manage, analyse and present the garnered data in a very smart way, exactly what was happening in real time during the race.

The data management allowed the pilots to better understand what would lead to under performance and what decisions would be followed by great results based on the car data. At the parts where there was no connectivity we leveraged the router’s local intelligence¹( Cisco’s IOX ) and memory to store a small amount of relevant data that was sent back to the cloud to be managed and analysed, every time we were able to re-established a connection  we did so no important data was wasted due to connectivity issues.

At the Rally dos Sertoes 2017 in Brazil we proved that the Internet of Things is everywhere and happening right now. We have technology to deliver IoT in the most extreme locations in the planet, backed up by millions of sensors and gateways, Davra Networks’ application enablement platform (Davra) and it’s partners can gather data from anything² and turn into smart data allowing businesses to make smarter decisions quicker. Today we have problems we are not even aware we of, there is information that can be traced and analysed in every interaction. By pulling all of this data together and giving a voice to “dumb” assets we can understand businesses problems increasing productivity, customer experience and consequently revenue.

All we need is to ask the right questions… Are you leveraging everything technology has to offer?



¹Cisco’s IoT series routers are embedded with IOX which allow Davra to make local decisions at the edge device. Most of IoT cases being able to filter data at the edge device and make local decisions is critical for the performance of the solution. For more  on IoX –


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