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Introducing Davra’s newest resident mountaineer and software engineer Steve!

Tell us about yourself

Hello all my name is Steve Martin, I am from Wicklow and I graduated from Technology University Dublin with a BSc in Computer Science. During my time in college I worked for SAP and once graduated I spent a 2.5 years with DOCOsoft as a developer for their insurance claim management solution.

What made you choose Davra?

Davra provided me with an opportunity to work on innovative projects using a modern technology stack which I believe can make a real impact on the world. I enjoy being challenged and I believe Davra provides me with the opportunity to continuously learn and develop my skills further.

What do you want to achieve at Davra?

I want to develop my knowledge and skills by working on innovative projects in the IoT sector and making a difference to people’s day to day lives.

What are your hobbies or interests?

I enjoy travelling and can’t wait for covid to pass so I can travel without restrictions again. Being from Wicklow it would be a sin to not enjoy going for a hike up the mountains, I try to get one every week. I also enjoy spending lots of time in the sea either swimming, sailing or surfing when I can. Last year I decided to buy myself a paddle board and found it to be my escape from the house during the lockdowns. When the weather isn’t on my side I enjoy spending time playing racing or fps games or cooking.

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