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How Davra’s Developer Portal can aid your company’s digital transformation

The last decade has seen most companies embrace digital transformation as a way to optimize business operations, gain deeper insights across the enterprise, and drive growth in new and existing markets.

Pivotal to this transformation is IoT, which creates an opportunity to increase automation, reduce errors, improve safety, and reduce downtime through predictive maintenance. With effective analysis, IIoT can lead to data-driven benefits which improve workplace processes, increase efficiency, and lead to faster time to market. Thus Davra has created a developer portal to help embrace digital transformation and provide ideas of what’s possible.

The skills shortage in IoT 

But technology moves fast and today’s industrial workplaces are struggling to meet the demand for suitably skilled staff. Without them, the opportunity of IoT to aid business transformation will be lost if the technology stagnates. 

The challenge with IoT is, of course, its ubiquity. The needs of a business in manufacturing differ from those in health tech, transport, or agriculture, so each vertical has a cornucopia of specialist knowledge areas including network protocols, microcontrollers, sensors, cloud computing, database management, data analysis, wireless sensor networks, and of course, everyone’s favorite whipping boy when it comes to IoT, security. You not only need people who understand IoT but understand IoT in your specific industry. 

Have you thought about skilling up? 

While hiring suitable candidates remains a challenge for many businesses in the industrial space, there’s another option – upskilling. Your existing technical staff already have the advantage of understanding your workplace practices and processes. They are already inducted into the company culture. In terms of the company’s competitive advantage, they understand your market and your customers. 

Further, the opportunity to learn something new and take on new responsibilities might be just what people need who have been considering other employment opportunities. 

The value of being at the coal face 

Your current staff has been up close and personal to your existing systems and its likely they’ve already felt the pain of dealing with legacy products, especially in OT. This makes them ideal to not only champion digital transformation through IoT but to be part of its implementation. They may not have a comprehensive understanding of IoT in action, but they’ll be quick to grasp the business case and the practical benefits. By patching your skills gap, you create an opportunity to better your workplace. 

Davra has a clear and comprehensive training program within our Developer Portal to bring your applications to life with our Application Enablement Platform (AEP). 

 Unlike other training programs, your workers can correspond their digital learning with hands-on practice their a real-world environment to explore the techniques being taught. We provide clear documentation both in writing and in a collection of engaging videos which take you from logging in, to publishing a custom app that meets your business needs. Engineers and displays have access to Davra’s libraries and SDKs, and online support is available as needed. 

In our next blog post, we’ll dive deep into the specific learnings within the Developer Portal so you can understand the value it can bring to your organisation. As technology is progressing rapidly, it’s clear that IoT adds a competitive advantage to all industries. Davra provides a way to bridge the skills gap and enable companies across and enterprises to gain the full benefits. 


Anthony Sayers, Director of IoT Ecosystems & Partners, Davra

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