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Gartner Peer Insights

Gartner Peer Insights Gives Valuable Insight From Real Customers

Gartner Peer Insights

When trying to find the best IoT platform and services for your needs, Gartner Peer Insights is a great source of credibility. B2B or B2C professionals can use Peer Insights to help them choose their software and services with confidence. As a platform of reviews and ratings, it can be used to discover the best enterprise technology solutions for your business. Gartner Peer Insights provides expert reviews that give valuable insight into a range of technology markets. Keep reading more details to discover how Gartner Peer Insights works and the benefit of validated reviews.

How Does Gartner Peer Insights Work

Gartner collects its peer insights through direct individual outreach. For example, many technology vendors also encourage customers to submit their views through Gartner. Gartner Peer Insights are verified through multiple validated users. That means every user is verified before their feedback is published on the Gartner Peer Insights website. Users have the opportunity to utilize credible reviews. The goal is to ensure your customers are only reading reliable reviews. These peer-driven ratings & broader reviews give you deeper insight into the software purchasing process.

Top 5 Benefits Of Gartner Peer Insights


1. Credibility

Consumers are reading reviews they can trust with Gartner Peer Insights. Customers are offered a full spectrum of expert and peer research. As a one-stop-shop for trustworthy reviews, you can get ratings and reviews in one location. The “Interactive Magic Quadrant” (IMQ) allows you to customize your IoT platform evaluation. Remember, your view is unique to your insight and goals. Getting the information that matters the most can save your business time and money.

2. A Large Audience

Gartner has a large audience of 300+ experts and peers with coverage for over 3,000+ vendors. A large platform of authentic reviews can be an asset to your business. Unbiased research can help with important decisions making, have an impact on your bottom line, and improve your finances. You have the option of doing unbiased research to gain expert insight for your business.

3. Interactive Features

Interactive features like user review tabs and the “Interactive Magic Quadrant” help you easily navigate the system. Gain real-world experience from credible peers and businesses just like yours. The advanced hover-over feature gives you an opportunity to take advantage of advanced features. Different methodologies are used to assist users in their research and decision-making.

4.  The End-User Results

Gartner methodologies consist of:

• research practices and procedure

• large distilled volumes of data

• information to help with hard business decisions

• precision recommendations

• formulated plans

All of the above are designed to give you credible end-user reviews. Discover the data point of your ratings and reviews to benefit the end-user.

5. The Benefits Of Business Growth

Gartner Peer Reviews present a huge opportunity for business growth.  When your market is in the process of growth, a high degree of credible research, reviews, and ratings is essential to your success.

Statistics Your Business Should Know

99%  of customers read online reviews

88% of customers prefer reviews just as much as recommendations

46% of businesses say; “a 4 or 5 star rating increases customers

• more customers are reading reviews from a mobile device (4 billion cellphone users worldwide)

Why Businesses Trust Darva

Darva is favorably rated on Gartner Peer Insights among businesses researching and rating IoT platforms. We understand how important it is to build the right IoT platform with the right clients & Darva makes it as simple as doing over  80% of the work. We ensure your business delivers value. Our platform offers IoT software that encapsulates the following:

• analytics

• rule engine

• data management

• advanced DIS

• security and compliance

• cloud-based

• integrations engine

• application builder framework

• only platform available on AWS Marketplace

The Davra IoT platform allows you to get a return on your investment & our platform is trusted by the likes of Intel, Axis Communications, and Cisco. We rank among the industry’s leading technology experts.

The Internet of Things is a complex and ever-changing industry but Davra is committed to leading the charge! Contact the team at Darva to find out more about building your IoT platform today.


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