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Come visit Davra at the upcoming IoThings World Conference!

Davra will be exhibiting at the upcoming IoThings World 2021!

It’s been a long time coming but Davra is finally returning to in-person events and where better to start than the IoThings World Conference in Milan. Since 2002, IOTHINGS has been the most important Italian event about IoT technologies, taking place in 2 yearly editions, in Spring in Milan and in Autumn in Rome. Davra will be exhibiting at the conference, as well as our CEO Paul Glynn that will be virtually joining and delivering a speech on the importance and growth of IoT.


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We look forward to meeting familiar faces and new ones, if you would like to reserve a meeting just click here.


Davra Capabilities 


Rail – Advanced Rail Telematics, Passenger Announcement Systems, Estimated Time of Arrival, Passenger Counting and High-Speed Wi-Fi Solutions

Smart Parking – Indoor Parking, Outdoor Parking or Street Parking our Parking Solutions are based on the latest IoT technology and sensors.

Roadways – Roadway Condition Monitoring, Traffic Monitoring, Safety & Security Analysis and Autonomous Vehicle Road Testing solutions.

Connected Fleet Management – Connected Vehicle and Fleet Solutions specifically developed for Utility Fleets, Trucking and Enterprise Fleets.


Smart Pipelines- Pipeline utilization, flow rate analysis and fault detection solutions.

Environment Monitoring – Firedamp detection, soil contamination, sinkhole monitoring, gas detection and surface water monitoring solutions.

Tank Monitoring Monitoring of liquids, gases on other materials in a large variety of Tanks and storage units both indoor and outdoor.

Smart Buildings

Building Utilities – Water usage, lighting usage, gas, and electricity monitoring for industrial and enterprise buildings.

Safety & Security – Building safety and security monitoring using the latest video, audio, and sensor technologies.

Building Maintenance -Energy management, facilities and maintenance management, HVAC and building control solutions

Smart Cities

Smart Water Management – Smart Water Management –Consumption monitoring (anomaly detection), Leakage Detection, Water quality monitoring.

Smart Lighting  –Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Solutions including Asset Tracking, Geolocation Monitoring, Usage Optimisation & Control and Integration based solutions.

City Transit – Enterprise Class City Bus, City Metro and Rail,  Taxi, Bike Pool and Last mile Transit Solutions.


Smart Machines – Retrieve manage, and analyze data from Programmable Logic Units (PLCs) to reduce downtime and increase production.

Asset Track – Monitoring and Tracking of factory components, tools, and assets.

Supply Chain – Solutions to track and trace inventory through all steps in the supply chain process from land to sea to air. (Distributed Ledger based solutions available).

Industrial Farming 

Crop Monitoring – Crop Growth Monitoring systems, yield analysis, weather, moisture and temperature analysis solutions.

Soil Moisture – Soil moisture analytics, Soil resistivity, dielectric constant and weather monitoring.

Digital Health Care

Virtual Patient Monitoring – Reduce 1:1 patient sitters, decrease patient falls and injuries and enhance workflow efficiencies with the VPO solution.

Hospital Parking -Indoor Parking, Outdoor Parking or Emergency Parking our Parking Solutions are based on the latest IoT technology and sensors.

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