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(Drum role please)….. Introducing Anthony Sayers, Director of Ecosystems.

Internet of Things (IoT) Evangelist

Anthony was born and raised in Kenya before moving to Durban, South Africa to begin his career in technology. He moved to Northern Ireland in 2020 after living in the Middle East (UAE) for the past 5+ years focusing on IoT business development and being involved in some sizable and dynamic IoT projects. With 30+ years of high-level experience, Anthony is a key force in now driving our Partner IoT Ecosystem program of our business. In addition to cultivating new relationships primarily in the UK & Ire he will also be addressing Europe, Middle East & Africa. 

Before joining Davra, Anthony worked for HP, Dell Technologies and most recently Software AG in both regional and global roles. With a focus on developing and expanding the IoT business, running projects and converting people into believers by demonstrating the value of IoT. Not just economically,  similarly for the environment and for the betterment of our Planet which is something Anthony feels strongly about. 

What made you choose Davra?

I have known Davra for a few years now and I have always been impressed with the platform, the Davra approach, the team and professionalism they bring in what is a very competitive market. The standout qualities of Davra that were decisive for my selection is the company’s vision, the total alignment of the team coupled to a platform that offers so much; whether addressing its loyal and growing developer community or to transforming businesses across the globe.

What are your passions in life?…. Outside Davra of course… 

 Being born in Kenya and growing up in Africa has been a key part of how my personal life has been shaped. At an early age I discovered I could run and being in school in the Kenyan highlands sparked my passion for combining nature with my sport. Trail running is now very much central to my own personal balance. It enables me to keep connected with nature whether in a Kenyan game reserve, running in Saudi Arabia or to running the trails of the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. It is that link with nature that also creates my direct interest in enabling IoT to address anti-poaching of African animals, environment and creating a greener planet as fast as possible.

What are your aims while working here?

Success does not come without partners, especially partners that want to use Davra as their platform to create their specific industry solutions. My aim is to help accelerate and grow our partner business that will address our key focus markets.

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Say hello to our new Director of Ecosystems Anthony Sayers.

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