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450 IoT Analysts and Counting

Are There Too Many Voices Creating More Confusion Than They Alleviate?

IoT analysts

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vibrant and growing cyber sector that everyone who’s anyone in the digital realm is keeping a close eye on. Yet, precisely because of its exponential growth, this burgeoning segment of the online economy is getting more and more difficult to keep meaningful track of. The challenge to all who are in any way involved in this exciting tech sector is from whom to get one’s data and whom to trust to provide the kind of reporting and analysis that drives the real-world, real-time decisions that must be made daily to keep one’s business viable.

No Shortage of IoT Analysts

Few would dispute the statement that there’s no shortage of IoT analysts on the Internet today — a factor that should, in theory at least, make it easier to separate the IoT chaff from the wheat. However, in practice, it isn’t quite that simple. The reality is that too many voices, each presenting differing viewpoints and proposing varying and often contradictory theories, can in some ways create more confusion than they alleviate.

So, we find ourselves with a broad spectrum of “experts” all vying for our attention. From monoliths like Gartner who authoritatively recognize and report on the trends while validating the quality IoT offerings, to the small boutique firms that add their own widely varied “insights” to the mix, both industry-proven and self-appointed “IoT experts” are springing up everywhere.

While many of the smaller analysts tend to focus more on differentiating between a large number of available platforms — a number they’ve placed at upwards of 450 — the larger firms have a greater tendency to dig down deep and apply a set of bottom-line criteria that make the strongest contenders decisively rise to the top of the heap.

A Plethora of Platforms?

Thus, while there may, in fact, be more than 450 IoT platforms extant in the sector (and this is, overall, a good thing as it increases competition and drives innovation), the number of key players is actually much lower than that — fewer than 20, according to Gartner, who is itself a key player in the IoT analyst arena.

In effect, the “big list” (which includes a number of platform acquisitions and inactive platforms) is filled with so much “noise” that it’s easy to become distracted from the primary movers and shakers in the industry — in much the same way that it’s easy to become overly focused on the opinions of the smaller players and thereby overlook the more authoritative voices of the industry’s real trend spotters.

As an article on the IoT Evolution World website points out, an industry where ever-increasing numbers of players are entering the field contributes to a fragmented, verticalized market that makes it difficult to compare the offerings of the most viable platform providers.

A Much-Needed Focus on the Primary Players

This is where the bigger IoT analyst firms’ value becomes clear. Both MachNation and Gartner narrow the playing field to the 20 or so providers they consider most important, based on the specific criteria they apply as part of their individual scoring methodologies — with the former attempting to address the issue through its AEP scorecard and the latter via its Magic Quadrant report.

While the former praised Davra in a piece the company wrote about our early leadership in launching a certification program supporting the mass adoption of IoT, the latter has taken its praise of our company one step further. “The Big G” has, in fact, given Davra a much-coveted place in its May, 2018 Magic Quadrant shortlist of the companies it considers to be among the best makers of industrial IoT platforms in the industry.

Davra’s Spot in the Magic Quadrant

The Magic Quadrant (MQ) report breaks down the exclusive group of recognized companies into three categories:

• Visionaries
• Niche Players
• Notable Vendors

Honored among the 18 industrial IoT providers listed in the MQ report, Davra joins six other companies in the “Notable Vendors” category. Before declaring Davra “A Serious Player,” the report points out the following pluses that led these experienced IoT analysts to that conclusion:

• The fact that we’ve been a “fully focused IoT Platform company since 2012”
• Our “modern microservices-based software stack”
• Our “excellent track record of delivering real IOT”

Recognition We Can Be Proud Of

We are proud to be recognized for our contributions to industrial IoT by such a prestigious IoT analyst firm in such an eagerly awaited inaugural industry report. In the document itself, you’ll find a great deal more relevant information about the state of industrial IoT — information that supports Davra’s individual evaluation and those of the other companies named.

To access these additional details, you may download and read this version of the full report firsthand. It will help put many of the factors that define effective IoT platform design, features and benefits for application development and deployment into a clearer perspective for interested parties on every side of the Internet of Things platform/analyst/app developer question.

The Davra Platform’s Strengths

Here at Davra, our platform offers IoT application developers a full range of platform features that provide all the tools they need to move smoothly through the application development process. If you are a developer, we want your IoT project to be among the 25 percent that actually succeed. That’s why so much thought, planning, testing and perfecting have gone into creating a platform that delivers the following powerful features:

• Fully supported D.D.P.P. analytics
• Edge and cloud-capable analytics
• Advanced HTML5 visualizations
• Embedded edge device function management
• More than 160 OT and Comms protocols
• Zero-touch provisioning
• Complete developer suite
• Advanced asset modeling
• Microservice-based architecture
• Centralized integration management
• More than 500 integrations
• Integration expandability
• Versatile data storage, ingestion and governance
• Full-featured, role-dependent access control
• Secure, authentication-based communications
• Powerful security architecture

Davra: The Only IoT Platform You Need

There may well be more than 450 IoT development platforms out there vying for your attention and your application development dollar. But, luckily, you don’t need 450 platforms. You only need one — the right one.

Likewise, you don’t need 450 IoT analysts telling you which platform is right for you. You only need the one that has a reputation for making sense.

So, why not take the advice of the top-level IoT analyst firm that has given Davra an honored place in its Magic Quadrant — a list that contains fewer than 20 of those 450-plus platforms — and called our company a serious player with an excellent track record for delivering real IoT. After all, isn’t that exactly what you’re looking for?

Davra’s powerful platform fully equips you to efficiently create and seamlessly deploy all the IoT applications you can dream up. It just doesn’t get any better than that. Contact us today to get started creating IoT applications you can be proud of, and learn firsthand why we made it into Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant.


Brian McGlynn, Davra, COO

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