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Built on the Power, Reliability and Simplicity of Davra IoT

Full D.D.P.P Analytics

Descriptive (What Happened), Diagnostics (Root Cause), Predictive (What will happen) and Prescriptive (What to Do) Analytics fully supported.

Edge & Cloud Analytics

All our analytics including Streaming Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP and AI Algorithms can run at the Edge of the network and in the cloud.

Advanced Visualisations

HTML5 dashboard style visualisations, tabular presentations, advanced Geo Mapping, 500+ widgets, Layout Manager and Drag & Drop support.

Manage & Monitor

Complete embedded management of the edge device function including overall health, application life-cycle & edge event processing.

Over 160 Protocols

Large selection of OT & Comms protocols from simple protcols like Modbus & profinet to the complex like J1939 & Canbus.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Secure authenticated zero touch provisioning of device configuration, agent configuration, firmware and updates.

Developer Suite

Source control, versioning, full debugger, tagging, branching, logging, layout manager, 500+ UI components , full code editor.

Asset Modelling

Provide an "Asset Centric View" of IoT devices by attaching both static and dynamic attributes and adding advanced data tagging.

Microservice Architecture

A complete microservices based design leveraging docker and kubernetes for all in infrastructure libraries and runtime engines.

Centralized Integrations

All our Integrations are centrally managed and controlled visually within our platform for ease of use and maintenance.

Over 500 Integrations

Davra contains over 500 integrations across enterprise applications, devices & gateways, cloud services and ecosystem partner applications.

Expandable Integrations

Add new Integrations with ease with our custom microservices, webservices APIs , and modelling tools and developer tools.

Data Storage

Data storage for both cloud and on premise solutions. We provide time series data storage, document based data storage, relational data storage aswell as in memory-caching.

Data Ingestion

We ingest date leveraging 100s of built in protocols from modbus to canbus and also provide the ability to create custom connectors to ingest almost any kind of data.

Data Governance

We provide monitoring, remediating & reporting on common & customer-defined data quality issues alongside customer configurable polices for data retention & disposal.

Access Control

Fully featured user role based access control at platform tenet level. Device, asset ,micro-service and AEP access is also fully role based.

Secure Communications

Device, gateway and sensor communications are all token authentication based and Client User Interface access uses TLS 1.2.

Security Architecture

Platform level threat detection, notifications, trusted components only, hardened run time environments and trusted APIs.

Davra IoT Platform

Real IoT Solutions in 5 to 7 Weeks