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(Bah bah-bah baaaah) Introducing our new Senior Software Engineer Ferran Brugat!

"I would like to develop my leadership skills. I can see myself growing with this company"

Tell us about yourself 

Hi everyone, my name is Ferran and I’m a 38 years old proud father of 2 little monkeys. I’m originally from Catalonia and I came to Ireland with my partner following our dreams about 7 years ago. With over 13 years of experience in Software Development, I’m trying to do my best, learn from others and share my knowledge wherever I work. 

What made you choose Davra? 

Davra gave me an amazing opportunity to grow in my professional career and is ranked the number 1 private company globally in the IoT space by Gartner. The fact that IoT has so much potential in the near few years was a key factor in choosing them. I also believe that Davra cares about their employees and has a great family-work balance, and that’s a plus from my point of view. 

What do you want to achieve at Davra?

The IoT world is quite new to me, so I want to achieve gaining experience in this field. At the same time, I would like to develop my leadership skills. I can see myself growing with this company. With no doubt, being part of Davra it’s an exciting opportunity to work with prestigious clients and get involved in amazing projects that could make a difference.

What are your hobbies or interests? 

I guess for the last 2 years my main hobbies and interests are my friends and family. Being a father of two takes you a lot of time from traditional hobbies but I’m discovering new interesting things every single day!

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