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IoT Use Case Thursday – Preddio Technologies

Exploring the human benefits of IoT : Condition Monitoring

Preddio’s Use Case

Preddio Technologies’ interesting use case is centered around the ability to identify and prevent unintentional downtime for industrial and commercial equipment. Their story began as a group of entrepreneurs who joined A.W. Chesterton to build an IoT product for Chesterton’s  business. In record time, they developed a sensor, mobile app and cloud platform. Realizing that this IoT product offering had limitless applications outside of A.W. Chesterton’s traditional markets, Preddio Technologies Inc. was launched as a separate company, and Simplicity IoT ™, a full hardware and software platform, was created.


A majority of industrial and commercial equipment run at inefficiencies. Over time, this results in unintentional downtime, high cost of replacement parts, and a lifetime reduction. Preddio quickly realized that different work environments could benefit from remote monitoring solutions. They wanted to create an IoT solution that enables industrial and commercial companies to make informed decisions about equipment based on real-time data.


To begin, customer use-case driven requirements were rapidly developed and iterated upon, focusing on differentiated value.  Architecture and implementation strategy was chosen to support their use cases. Wireless, battery-powered, Bluetooth-equipped sensors were developed that communicated with an LTE Cellular gateway to securely pass data directly to the Simplicity Cloud™ visualization and analytics platform. The cellular gateway allows data to be transferred without the need for IT integration, eliminating any need for technical approvals or the installation of additional networking equipment.

The user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) were very important in the development process. Preddio wanted to create an easy-to-use cloud platform that could support non-technical customers. Their goal was to create an out of the box solution from installation to operation – allowing Preddio to broaden the customer market and allow clients of all sizes and technical abilities to create savings!

Preddio Technologies launched Simplicity IoT in early 2020, less than one year from conception. Since launch, they have collected over 60 million data points and have hundreds of customer success stories of monitoring mechanical seals, bearing, valves, and other industrial equipment, which saved downtime and maintenance costs.

Human Benefits

•  Preddio’s innovative IoT solutions allow trend monitoring that can help predict if a pump, fan, compressor, or motor requires maintenance before an incident occurs. This invaluable information protects workers and keeps employees safe.

•  By monitoring levels of pressure, temperature, and vibration on dangerous equipment, environmental disasters can be avoided.

•  Applying these changes can lead to a more than 20X increase in the lifetime of equipment.

•  Thousands of dollars can be saved per month on each individual piece of equipment!

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